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Our video services  

Benefit from your
Video Marketing

Shooting an advertising video is good.


HASseeing a strategy behind is better. 


Taking care of the video marketing process from A to Z can take a lot of   time and can require a lot of effort and creativity.


To make your life easier, I offer you not only a coffee, but also my precious knowledge for half an hour. Because en less than an hour, we can define one or more measurable communication objectives tailored to your audiovisual needs. All this, in order to achieve your objectives, for example by directing traffic to your website or increasing your sales.


We can also identify your target audience and think about the types of videos this audience wants to watch and then tell them your Value proposition.


Once your needs have been identified, I will be able to present you with a tailor-made video strategy applicable to different types of budgets. 

So what are you waiting for?

Contact ian for a coffee. 



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Wallis, Switzerland

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